Berman, Pop’s friend and elevator operator, reminded us today that it’s “The Happy Month”, December. So let’s start celebrating with The Fairly OddParents: Jingle Bell Jump, a slice of holiday cheer now at Nick.com!


Proof, in game form, that we all need therapy. Badly. Make the best of our perversity by playing Dungeons And Dungeons, live today at Adultswim.com!


This Is Pop’s three Naruto games – Star Students, Battle for Leaf Village & Star Students 2 – are all on CartoonNetwork.com’s Top Ten Games list. You just can’t get enough of that little ninja, can you?
Jurassic Lucha Club ha ido viviendo en Espana Portugal! Traductor Google afirma que esto es la forma en que diria esto en Espamol. Promesa que los juegos se traducen mejor.


Still feel like being a ninja, even though Halloween’s over? We’ve got just the thing. Naruto: Battle For Leaf Village, live today at Cartoon Network!
Get into the Halloween spirit the Pop way – by viciously mauling your enemies with candy in Spongebob Squarepants: Dastardly Dirty Treats.
With over 110,000 plays, Bible Fight is a juggernaut on Gamebrew.com’s Most Popular Games list. InuYasha Demon Tournament weighs in with 43k plays. That’s over 150,000 hours you probably shouldn’t have billed at work.
Pigs (and cows) fly. They pull off some pretty wild stunts, too. See for yourself in Back At The Barnyard: Barn Burner, now at Nick.com!
You think you’re hardcore? If you can beat the cowboy boot, then we can talk. Give it your best shot – play Foot Locker: Intergalactic Sneaker Rescue!


Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars gains two new Dinosaurs today – the Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex!
We were thrilled to find Japan’s Flashgametoday has done reviews of Breakfast Brawl, InuYasha, and Rock Paper Scissors: Extreme Deathmatch. We were less thrilled when Google translated one page as “Suma Bra-tempered Match-up Game”. Ah, technology.
Play This Thing reviews Inuyasha Demon Tournament !
The UK’s Channel 4 has taken a quick break from Big Brother to review two of our games. They call Bible Fight “an arcade-brawler of Biblical proportions” and say of Rock Paper Scissors: Extreme Deathmatch, ranked #1 on their site, “get into this game and you may never leave”!
The battle of the sexes, writ Jurassic. Pit male Majungatholus against female in Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars, now live at the History Channel. Even the Canadians are excited.
Start July with two new games! The Mad Men 1962 Trivia Quiz from AMC and The Wishful Dash of the Ninja from MTV.
Stare true evil in its sketchy eye as you do battle with Doodlebob in Spongebob Squarepants Saves Bikini Bottom, now at Nick.com!


One-Minute Lyrics Challenge 2 is number one on MTV Arcade! Play and show everyone just how well you know your Rihanna.
Giant puppets! Polar bears! Recycling! Bees! All this and more in iCarly: Get Zeebo and The Naked Brothers Band: Polar Bear Bounce, now on Nick.com.
Casualicious.com thinks Spongebob Atlantis Squareoff is “an ideal game to play for some of that wholesome family fun.” Casually delicious!
Summon your inner Sasquatch. Play Cougar Fighter on Superdeluxe.com.
Guide Team Seven through the Forest of Death in Star Students 2: Ninja Survival, the latest Naruto game on CartoonNetwork.com!
Revisit a more simple, pixelated time. Check out iCarly: Stuff Shuffle on Nick.com!
rps 3
Bible Fight has been selected as an official honoree for the Games category in the 12th Annual Webby Awards!
Bible Fight has received merit recognition from How Magazine’s 2008 International Design Annual!
Check out Pop’s newest game! Fuse Moshbox launches on Fuse!
Have a knack for puzzle games that rock? Then check out Gene’s Jewels!
Parking Warrior launches on AETV.com!
279,984 plays and counting! Wishful Leap of the Ninja is the most popular game on MTV Arcade!
The danger of liking your work very much is that you may forget the importance of not working.  Next thing you know, many months have elapsed and you’ve become an automaton, snapping at small children on your way to work and using phrases like “outside the box” in conversation with co-workers.  Or so we hear.
Luckily, the old freight elevator that hauls us up to POP every morning doubles as the building’s mobile lobby, festooned with the postcards of exotic locales and deserted beaches.  And caring as passionately as we do about interior decoration, we feel it is our obligation to contribute to the evolving collage.  So every now and then, whether we feel we need to or not, we set off in search of a picturesque beach or a photogenic village.  Just not all at the same time.
Spongebob Atlantic Squareoff is now #1 on the Nick Arcade game charts!
Pop has two games in the running for the Nick.com Game of the Week of the Year! Go vote for Delivery Dilemma and Patty Panic here!
By Neptune’s Beard! Shiver your timbers over to Nickelodeon to Squareoff with Spongebob! Pop’s Spongebob Atlantis Squareoff has liftoff!



Viva Marilyn Manson! Play This Thing has great advice on how to keep your rage meter hot in Viva Caligula!
“Great artwork (natch)” says indie gaming news giant TIGSource about Viva Caligula.
According to Gigazine via Google Trasnlate, “Becoming Roman Emperor Caligula, it is the game which in order to bring peace to Rome keeps murdering the citizen with the various weapons. A little being to cruel expression, you note.”
Finally! Proof that “orgy time” is the same in any language. Check out what France has to say about Caligula.
Viva Caligula gets bloody great reviews on Kotaku’s Gamer’s Guide.
If you live your life like it’s one long power trip, and enjoy blood, weaponry, and orgies, then be sure to check out Viva Caligula! – just launched at AdultSwim.com!
Bible Fight is announced as a finalist in the Flash Forward Film Festival! Check us out here and vote for us on the People’s Choice Awards at the Flash Forward Conference site.
Get your film fix: Pop designs Turner Classic Movies’ Summer Under the Stars website.
Test your degree in pop culture: Six Degrees of Celebreality launches at VH1.com.
Paris Stampin’ goes live on VH1’s Original Games Online Arcade.
Put up or shut up! Pop launches You Got Dissed.
bf 2
Bible Fight: one of the ten things Entertainment Weekly loved this week!


Bible Fight sighting on Play This Thing!
Five pages. 239 replies. And growing! – The Adult Swim Bible Fight Discussion Board.
Japan goes crazy for Bible Fight! (at least, that’s what we think it says)
Bible Fight attracting some wanted attention.
God not answering your prayers of late? Then allow Pop! Bible Fight is launched at AdultSwim.com – click here to go straight to Hell! Do not pass Purgatory.
Crowd surf your way to glory and that coveted front row position. This is Pop launches Concert Craze at RR.com.
Do you enjoy pain, just not when it’s you feeling it? This is the game for you, then – Scarred launches at MTV.com.
What do ZZ Top, Heart, Genesis, and Ozzy Osbourne have in common? They’ve all been given the Pop treatment at VH1’s Rock Honors website. Click here to see!
Fast food – the Spongebob way! Now at Nick.com, Patty Panic is another installment of This is Pop’s now-classic Spongebob Arcade series.
Designers Workshop magazine just published a very fetching article on POP.  The six-page profile featured glossy images of our projects, photos of us, and paragraph after paragraph of text in indecipherable Japanese.  Yes, smarty-pants, we could have the article translated into English or French or Greek and read all the stupid things we said, but we’re not masochists.
As the old Japanese proverb states: “If you understand everything, you must be misinformed.”
Memo to self: buy bigger trophy cabinet. Stroker and Hoop Moneyshot, Bonebreaker, and VH1 Toys have been selected as official honorees for the “Advertising: Game or Application” category in the 11th Annual Webby Awards.
Dull, lifeless hair? Worried about split ends? Well, Pop can’t help. But check out Showdown Throwdown and Pop Quiz Surprise at Sunsilk to take your mind off your troublesome locks.
Pop launches Spongebob Pyramid Peril on Nick.com – Spongebob fans everywhere very happy.
Get ready to rock the road! Rolling Stone Rally launches on MTV.com.
“First name Mister, middle name period, last name T” – Pop launches Mr. T’s School for Fools. Get schooled, fool.
Race fans, rejoice. SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma launches on Nick.com!
What happens when you combine SpongeBob and a classic game mechanic like Dig Dug? Check out Pop’s new game Sea Monster Smoosh on Nick.com!
RSVP gets Wii’d on – Pop’s Flash game compatible with Nintendo’s Wii.
The place? The Law Offices of Sebben & Sebben. The mood? MAYHEM. The game? Stop That Sandwich! There’s only one egg salad sandwich left, and everybody wants it. Choose your character and do battle in a fully breakable environment, using your wits and a fair amount of senseless violence to secure the delectable dish for your very own.
Naruto Star Students reaches #1 on Cartoon Network’s Fans’ Top 5. Want to hone your ninja skills but keep getting kicked out of ninja school? Play Naruto Star Students now and train as one of your favorite young ninjas.
Pop is looking for smart, talented, game-crazed designers, programmers, and animators. Email your stats and/or a link to your portfolio to hey@thisispop.com, but please, no attachments.
Feelin’ lucky? Play Puma Lucky Eights today and work on becoming Shudoh Master. Check out the latest review here!
Suffering from summer heat? Why not check out Pop’s newly launched Turner Classic Movies Summer Under The Stars website. Occasionally Pop is all about the fun without the games. Dig the style? Check out last year’s Summer Under the Stars or 31 Days of Oscar.


This year’s Turner Classic Movies Summer Under the Stars tabloid magazine conceit shines fantastic new light on classic stars, while simultaneously engaging the user with the TCM style and programming schedule. Each star’s “secrets” are revealed through comical twists on gossip’s usual topics – be it a good girl gone wrong, or a supposed bad girl who’s secretly more of an angel.  Click here to “get the scoop”!
When your headquarters is in the shape of a giant T, you’re sorta asking for it to be taken over by a guy named “Baron Blood.” Using the entire Titans team and a grab bag of powers, take back your base and rescue your friends from certain doom by playing Tag Team Titans. PC users can click here to try and buy.
Check out the latest review of RSVP. While you’re at it, why not try your hand at throwing the perfect dinner party too?
Dudesons Bonebreaker launches at MTV.com!
Evildoers beware! Justice League Unlimited: Halls of Injustice downloadable game debuts on Cartoon Network.com. PC users, click here to try and buy.
Full Metal Alchemist: Iron and Flame – “A Diamond in the Rough“!
Rejoice! Ben 10 Battle Ready is a finalist in this year’s One Show Interactive Awards.
Go Inuyasha! JayIsGames calls Inuyasha: Demon Tournament expertly realized and addictive.
Aching for some nostalgia? I Love Toys puzzle game launches on VH1.com and brings your favorite childhood toys back into your life.
It’s an animal house in here! Well, not really. But we are proud to welcome a new adoptee to the Pop family – Milo the Pig! Milo was abandoned on the side of the highway with his siblings, but now he lives at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. We’re sponsoring him this year, so if you’re ever near Rockville, MD, stop in and tell him Pop loves him.
Wired Online recognizes RSVP as free and fun.
Ben 10 Battle Ready launches on Cartoon Network.com, goes straight to #1.
Pop’s Stroker and Hoop Pinball launches on AdultSwim.com!
Pop’s Puffy Dish it Out launches on Cartoon Network.com!
Never one to share the spotlight? Put your ruthless, claw-your-way-to-the-top Diva skills to the test in our new VH1 Diva Duets game, Divatron.
The trouble with having a treehouse on the moon is that every once in a while, you have to defend it from hordes of robot. Check out our new game: Operation Graduates.
And a Beast Boy shall lead them: Calling All Titans takes a One Show Interactive Bronze award. If you’re rocking on a PC, click here to try and buy.
Pop creates new Puffy Ami Yumi game – click here to play!
Pop launches Full Metal Alchemist: Iron and Flame on AdultSwim.com – anime fans around the globe very happy.
RSVP wins the People’s Choice award at Flash Forward 2005 / San Francisco. Pop’s feeling the love. Play RSVP for yourself and feel the love as well.
You too can control your own Mega Robot while blasting a path through enemy machines! Check out the new Megas Vs. The Universe game for Cartoon Network.
When we were approached to create a game that would help Dannon launch their new smoothie drink, Frusion, we leapt at the chance to create a game where you beat breakfast foods senseless. Who wouldn’t, really? The result, Breakfast Brawl, is a wildly popular viral success, finding its way into message boards and blogs all over the Web. And keep in mind this sage bit of wisdom one forum-goer has when dealing with your opponents: “I punched him a lot and didn’t let him punch me.” Very wise advice, iKickBagels, very wise indee
Deluxe edition of the Ed’s Candy Machine launches – click here to play!
Sometimes we’re all about the fun without the games. This interactive homepage feature for Turner Classic Movies 31 Days of Oscar focuses on a cast of well-known characters from beloved Oscar-winning films. The character vanity pages, while simple, feel graphically and textually like “real” homepages, written and designed to give them that casual, personal tone of people who are posting the facts of their lives for their closest friends.
They used to be made of plastic and come in cereal boxes or gumball machines. Often they broke or got lost. But they were good on long family car trps, after “I Spy with my Little Eye” got tedious. Usually they were stamped, “Made in Japan,” at least before those words signified chic design and the priciest upper strata of luxury goods. Inspired by our love of classic hand-held games, each of the six mini-games we devised for Cartoon Network are simple, but together they give kids a well rounded workout of hand, eye and gaming skills.
Pop completes production on Teen Titans downloadable game for Cartoon Network. Loaded with mini-games, Calling All Titans packs a pretty punch – PC users can click here to try and buy.
Pop creates a colorful new set of games for toddlers (or very novice gamers) with Oobi, Noggin’s popular hand puppet. You win! Hurray! Play Oobi Games now!
It’s been a busy few months at Pop for our Lego Factory Tour. In June it took home a Cannes Lion Award and an Art Directors’ Club award. This month it was selected in the AIGA Annual Design Competition. Click here to see how your favorite little plastic blocks are created.
Cinema Sequence wins an Art Directors’ Club Merit Award. Test your movie knowledge now!
Pop brings how three awards from One Show Interactive. Play Teen Titans Battle Blitz, Puma USP Challenge, and Inuyasha: Demon Tournament and experience them yourself.
Yahoo Picks raves about Making of a Brick.
Lava monsters! The natural enemy of dogs everywhere. As Courage the Cowardly Dog, you must venture through an island crawling with magma minions to save Muriel. Play Nightmare Vacation now!
Stuffed animals gone berserk! Subdue the fluffy freaks infesting Dexter’s lab by playing When Stuffed Animals Attack.


Remember pulling pranks on Halloween, like rolling houses with toilet paper? Remember using those pranks to save the town from a rampaging army of fire-breathing pumpkins? No? Then relive your childhood the right way with Billy and Mandy as you prank your way to a slightly less demon-possessed halloween in Billy & Mandy’s Harum Scarum.
Pop wins an Art Directors’ Club award and a British Design and Art Direction award for Cartoon Network Super Mini-Games.
ID Magazine’s Interactive Media Design Review awards Pop a bronze award for Open House, our dazzling home decorating game.
Game testing is a competitive blood sport here at POP.  First, there’s the competition to determine who can find the most random and nearly-impossible-to-recreate-bug.  Once the inevitable bugs have been identified and repaired, the next level of competition begins.  We play the game intensely (some might say obsessively), shattering previous high scores and furiously scribbling the numbers on the white board.  Until finally, at last, some one achieves a score so ridiculously huge that the others cede victory.
This is that score:  849,259 on Lifetime’s Open House.  We challenge you to beat K’s score.


Like a good kick in the face, Teen Titans Battle Blitz helps launch Cartoon Network’s hottest new show!
Our Big in 2002 game for VH1 is awarded silver at One Show Interactive.
Who is the Bugs Bunny of Hip Hop? What is the Austin Powers of soft drinks? Who is the Elvis of movie monsters? One of the hallmarks of human intelligence is the ability to discover patterns, to make connections, to create analogies between disparate, seemingly unrelated concepts. The Big in 2002 game we created for VH1 applies this metaphor-making skill to the world of pop culture. You score points by guessing which answers got the most votes, but the real point of the game is to create an arc of electrical energy between two formerly distant synapses deep in the tangled jungle of your brain. What is the Spongebob Squarepants of European countries? Belgium, OF COURSE!


Brak is an oddly lovable character who first emerged on the scene as the hapless sidekick in Cartoon Network’s hit postmodern cartoon “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”. Brak proved to be so popular that he soon had his own show and now, thanks to POP, his own videogame. Headkicker 2 is a tongue-in-cheek side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring Brak and his surly alien buddy Zorak, who must fight their way through 6 levels of relentless enemies in order to rescue Brak’s mom from slimy archvillain Mobab. With it’s terribly perfect pixelated graphics, over the top hand to hand combat, and hilarious non-sequitors, Headkicker 2 has the same relationship to classic videogames as the Brak Show has to classic sitcoms. As Brak himself might say: “Thank you, magic toenail! I salute you.”
cinema 1
Game fans excited by news that Pop wins two awards from the Broadcast Designers’ Association/ Play these newly-minted award-winners now: Cinema Sequence and the New Orbit Mini-Games.
Who can resist the magic of a suburb at dusk with a flame-retardant costume strapped over your clothes and the promise of an infinite supply of candy stretching out before you? Created for Cartoon Network and Unicef, Treat Beat captures the delirious pleasures of Halloween night. Players explore a series of spooky neighborhoods in search of candy and coins. Scattered throughout each level are various costumes, each of which gives the player a special power to overcome the game’s obstacles. Packed to the bat-infested rafters with hidden items and tricky puzzles, Treat Beat is all the scary fun Halloween without the cavities.
Pop brings home two silver awards from One Show Interactive. Play Open House, one of this year’s winners, and attempt to attain decoration perfection.
Whenever possible, we like to start every game design project with a non-digital (unless you consider the fingers) prototype that allows us to test basic gameplay before committing to pixels and code.  You can usually tell that F (pictured above) is on to something good when every one begs to be a play-tester long after the developmental stage has ended.  To wit, the LEGO-and-paper prototype of Supercubes, a rolling-block puzzle game, has won an enthusiastic following among people who have other work they ought to be doing.
We’ve been meaning to host some sort of cocktail party here at pop for a while, but we felt it essential to await an appropriate occasion. At last it’s here. Wednesday, January 30th is the tenth birthday of our Senior Vice President for Office Supplies and Communications, Mo The Dog Faced Boy (actually, he’s a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier). If you haven’t yet met Mo, you haven’t been to Pop. (Shame on you.) Anyone who knows Mo knows he’s exceptionally conscientious about his duties — mainly napping on the sofa, ducking telemarketers, and wolfing down cold pizza crusts (something a few of us have been known to emulate when overworked).
Our award-winning research department, in consultation with one of America’s most renown canine mixologists, has advised us that Salty Dogs, Minty Dogs, Fluffy Dogs, Dirty Dogs, and Bulldog Highballs are all appropriate libations for an evening in Mo’s honor. Unfortunately, Mo himself is currently on the wagon. He does however absolutely loves snacks and he will almost certainly extend you a warm welcome (tail wagging, wild sneezing fits and furiously running in very small circles with uncontrolled delight) if you should arrive bearing just about any food product.
The Aniluxe Animation Machine brings old school animation to your fingertips. Pop scores awards from ID Magazine’s Interactive Media Design Review, the Communication Arts Interactive Design Review, Cannes Lions, and the British Design and Art Direction awards for this innovative application.
If you’re anything like us, you know it’s not nearly enough for the true connoisseur of good interior design just to buy the right objects. They must be arranged just so.  We have occasionally found ourselves lying awake in the middle of the night thinking, “You know, maybe if we moved the table and try the side chairs by the window, House & Garden would call.” Open House is our attempt to capture the compulsive urge of this will to decorative perfection. Naturally, there are useless nooks where nothing fits, unwieldy sectional sofas that only seem to grow, and fabric patterns that clash with unexpected violence if juxtaposed injudiciously. The game is of course quite as addictive as the real thing. Come to POP and you’ll see what we mean. We’re still trying to figure out where the armless circa 1960 blue vinyl desk chair really ought to go.
The Broadcast Designers’ Association awards Pop a silver award for the Aniluxe Animation Machine and a bronze for the Atomic Comic Generator.
Pop’s Orbit C-Toons work receives a gold award from the One Show Interactive.


You are cordially invited to drop by and visit the new studio — we’re in a great 4th floor space in the heart of trendy MePa (formerly the meat packing district) with a spectacular view of the Hudson River and an incomparable window on the meat and poultry industries. We promise you’ll be entertained.
*Phone note: Verizon assures us that all of the hipsters are clamoring for phone numbers (digits, if you will) featuring the happening new 646 area code — and we scored!  No offense, but 212 is so last year – as over as those giant pants worn with the crotch at the knees.  We hope you’ll be inspired to try to get a 646 number too, so we won’t have to dial those stale one-two-one-two digits every time we call you.
You just might find some sort of editing contraption at the flea market.  It will be missing the instruction manual, and you’ll have to figure out what all the buttons and levers do through trial and error. Eventually, you might discover that you can edit together your own groovy animations of Tweety, Mojo JoJo and Courage the Dog.  Or you could just check out the Aniluxe on CartoonNetwork.com.
Vincent’s work will be prominently featured in the upcoming Young Guns III (or YG3) exhibition at the Art Directors Club in New York.  The opening is Thursday, April 5, and the exhibition will be up through May 10th.  The ADC is located at 106 West 29th Street.  The gallery is open Monday – Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.
There’s no shortage of swank boites in the new ‘hood, but we’ve grown pretty fond of our down-home neighbors at the Hog Pit.  The jukebox is all country western, there’s a pool table in back, and the bar crowd is. random.  Perfect for Friday happy hour, no?  We’ll be there from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, so come on by — your first can of Pabst Blue Ribbon is on us.
Maybe the local municipal swimming pool isn’t the center of your existence. Maybe you don’t live for the time, usually denominated “Adult Swim” when it’s strictly off limits for eight-year-olds wearing fins and snorkels, cute floating toys, and noisy water polo free-for-alls. The time when adults get their own comparatively peaceful hour in the water without being razzed. The Cartoon Network decided to use the name to title their more adult-oriented programming, and we created their first site in a PG-13 style designed to emphasize to viewers that cartoons aren’t just for kids.
We’ve been known to work up a particular enthusiasm for objects owned in childhood that mom discarded right before they became valuable, or objects we might have owned if hadn’t had the sort of mom who believed in the importance of learning some lesson about not getting every last thing you could possibly want after watching Saturday morning television.
So, after scouring suburban tag sales and the pages of eBay, the golden era of hand-held games in now being relived at POP.  Everything from Blip to Coleco sports games is in perfect working order with spare batteries at the ready.  At last, a truly happy childhood.  Stop by some day and go head to head with V.  Just don’t go crying to your mama when he eats your lunch.
Critical acclaim abounds for our collaboration on MTV’s Webriot. Webriot won awards this year from Digital Coast 2000, IMix V2.0, IBC’s Nombre D’Or, and Invision 2000.
A lot of film makers we know still aren’t too happy with the rapid jump-cut style that MTV music videos began to pioneer in the early 1980’s. Too much going on, they complain. But younger MTV viewers who grew up with the broadcaster’s innovative visual grammar disagree. Maybe, uhhhmmm, not quite enough going on. Accordingly, webRIOT was created for their hyper-active multi-tasking but limited attention span in mind.
The 90’s ruined the Company Profile for everybody.  There’s little we might say about our “strategy” or “process” that won’t strike you as a haggard cliché; that won’t make you, dear reader, snicker, or yawn, or wince or worse.  And we certainly don’t need to remind you about the sorry state of Mission Statements in the early 21st century.  So when we mistyped it as “Missin Statement”, we suspected that we might actually be on to something.  Without further ado, we proudly present…
THE POP MISSIN’ STATEMENT:  If anyone has our new Low CD, kindly return it.
Our Missin’ Statement will inevitably change as we evolve and grow as a company, and as we misplace more stuff.  And though it’s perhaps not the most direct way to describe POP, we hope you’ll find this subtle approach illuminative.  After all, you already know we like Midwestern indie bands, we’re polite and calm in the face of disaster, and one of us may well be a thief.