unFIT is an entirely new kind of fitness experience for the Apple Watch and iPhone. In our current world of health­monitoring wearables and obsessive SoulCycling, unFIT provides the perfect antidote to compulsive calorie­counting and data­crunching. It’s the guilt­free fitness tracker for those who enjoy living life to the fullest… one Netflix binge at a time.

Offering a series of ridiculous challenges and hilarious quests, unFIT will feel familiar to anyone who has used a fitness tracker before. But rather than typical stat collecting and metrics logging, unFIT focuses on “underachievements” — pointless activities such as leaving work early, getting a snack, or just lying on the couch. And it’s even possible that some of unFIT’s challenges (like putting your phone down for an hour) might actually be GOOD for you.

Ironically, players will discover that it takes a lot of steps, endurance and burnt calories to do absolutely nothing. The unFIT personal trainer will challenge users daily with ever­evolving activities like going on epic beer runs, lifting game controllers, standing in long lines for coffee, carrying heavy shopping bags, and singing karaoke all night. In the end, players may find themselves needing a rest from the relentless pace of the unFIT lifestyle!

Employing cutting­edge tech, the unFIT app leverages iPhone and Apple Watch sensors to track progress (such as distance travelled, noise level reached) and to confirm completion of game challenges. As the “underachievements” begin to pile up, players will come ever closer to reaching holistic unFIT­ approved whateverness.

Helping to guide players to unFIT Nirvana is confirmed cynic and “unFIT Guru” Doug Stanhope, a stand­up comic known for his irascible personality as well as his many indulgences.



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