<!-- 01 About Us -->

THIS IS POP is an NYC-based independent game development studio founded in 2000. Our company was built on the belief that a flexibly structured, highly collaborative, creatively-driven studio could efficiently produce great work.

<!-- 02 Our Clients -->

Our client list includes Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, Lifetime, The History Channel, A&E, Nickelodeon, MTV, Vh1, Scholastic, LEGO, PUMA, Footlocker and Red Bull.

<!-- 03 Best Know for -->

Our studio is probably best known for the original games we’ve created for Adult Swim. Cartoon Network was one of our earliest clients – over the years we developed some of their most enduring and popular games – and when the Adult Swim channel was launching with much fanfare, CN chose us to design the inaugural Web site and to create the first games based on the new shows. When Adult Swim’s focus shifted toward the development of original content we were once again tapped to lead the way; Our initial original games – including the transgressive and controversial Bible Fight! and visceral Viva Caligula – became the template for what an Adult Swim game is. Today the Adult Swim brand is inseparably connected with great games and THIS IS POP is one of the original architects of that connection.

<!-- 04 Staffing -->

We’re staffed with exceptionally talented and dedicated people who recognize in each other a kind of obsessive perfectionist belief that there is a great game in every project we take on – we always think it’s worth the effort to find that greatness and give it life.

<!-- 05 Our Process -->

The development process at THIS IS POP is both precise and improvisational, involving fluid collaboration between expert visual, technical and game designers. This process sets us apart from many other companies, who approach game design as a secondary task to be shared between other members of the team.

Our belief is that game design is the most important component of the game development process. The differences between a competent but uninspiring game and a truly compelling one ultimately translate into more time spent playing, a better overall experience, repeat visits, and an expanded audience due to positive word­ of ­mouth. Even the simplest abstract puzzle game is capable of transfixing a player for hours on end, but only if it contains that elusive balance of challenge, satisfaction, goals, decisions and rewards. Creating that balance is the focus of the game design process.

<!-- 06 Job Inquiries -->

We’re always interested in meeting smart, talented, game-crazed designers, animators, programmers and producers. Drop us a line with your stats and/or a link to your portfolio.

JOB INQUIRIES  work@thisispop.com